About Us

Code Mashinani is a registered social enterprise that seeks to empower students, educators and community through digital education.

We connect K-12 schools with talented instructors and infrastructure to run after-school, weekend and holiday enrichment programs to nurture talents.

Why Code Mashinani?

Talent is evenly distributed but opportunities are not. It is not enough to create opportunities for students to access formal education, we need to also make sure that we create opportunities for students to learn about themselves, and prepare for 21st century challenges.

At Code Mashinani we leverage digital technologies to provide;

1. Professional development opportunities for school teachers. 

This empowers teachers to understand what values and life skills different programs instill and how to leverage this in their classrooms.

2. Specialized instructors 

Our instructors are TSC approved teachers with specialized training to run enrichment programs. We connect schools with trained and vetted teachers to setup and manage non-academic learning programs in line with the parents decision.

3. Premium Digital Library

We provide access to age-appropriate applications, games and videos to aid in digital learning. We work with schools to create e-learning opportunities for students in schools.

4. Assessment tools 

We provide schools with assessment procedures and tools to assess the values and skills acquired from participating in our programs.